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“The anatomist will build the foundation for the students utilising the platform, and then the Junior resident will be able to realise whether the surgery is done correctly or not. I’m really impressed with this, and I would like to show you all as to how is the virtual dissection done. I myself wish I could do MBBS all-over again.”
Prof (Dr) Raj Bahadur
Vice Chancellor
Baba Farid University of Health Sciences, Punjab
“Digitization of study techniques in medicine will improve the understanding and interest of students. It is the way forward and will encourage students to participate in a method more compliant with the current generation. I am in love with this product”
Dr. Krishnamurthy
Subharti Medical College, Uttar Pradesh
“The Covid 19 pandemic has enhanced the adoption of virtual learning after the urgent suspension of traditional teaching. While many will remember the COVID-19 pandemic as a source of disruption, it is likely that will also be viewed as a catalyst for the transformation of medical education.”
Principal (Dr) A K Srivastava
Subharti Medical College, Uttar Pradesh
“For ages we have studied anatomy books that features detailed but natural anatomy. This is a good starting point, but in reality, every human body is unique and abnormal variants are the rule rather than the exception. This solution enables you to follow the entire course of vessels and learn an amazing amount of anatomy in a very little time.”
Dr. Kenneth Elson,
Assistant Professor of Anatomy
Virginia Tech Carilion, Virginia, USA
"In less than a semester, we’ve been able to update a tried and true method of teaching anatomy and bring it into the 21st century. These solutions provide our students with a different level of education that will provide a sound foundation for their future studies. We’ll definitely be looking at how we can expand this into other areas outside of our core anatomy curriculum."
Dr. Ken Kramer
Director, Graduate Program in Clinical Anatomy
Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska, USA
“Understanding how a structure or organ is comprised of different tissues and how those organs are structurally associated with each other helps a student reason their way to studying and identifying new features. These solutions are one of the critical tools I use to help guide students to realisation.”
Dr. Carol Briston
Instructional Associate Professor,
University of Mississippi, Mississippi, USA
“Surgeons, anatomists, and internists say cadaver dissection is the ‘gold standard’ of anatomy education. That used to be true before the days of X-rays, MRI, and CT. But now we have their powerful solutions that take those 2D radiographic images and transform them into 3D imagery quickly and easily on a computer desktop.”
Dr. Jay Crutchfield,
Anatomy Department Chair
ATSU Soma, Arizona, USA