Technology in the hands of doctors can do wonders!

Our Mission

Who We Are?

Cloudatomy is a leading Med-Edu Tech venture having exclusive partnerships and associations with Global Technology companies for providing world-class 3D Digital Medical Solutions backed by Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality. We are very well recognised by the Department of Industrial Policy & promotion & Ministry of Commerce. 

Cloudatomy has emerged with a mission of revolutionising medical education each day

Our focus is to combine the latest technologies and educational methodologies to accelerate and expand the use of 3D Anatomy Technology within the Indian medical education landscape, which is considered to be one of the most dynamic systems across the globe.  

The technology and the suite of digital products offered by us are being embraced by various top-notch universities not just here in India but all across the globe. Explore the world of infinite possibilities with our proposed solutions and join us in the journey to digital transformation at Cloudatomy.

Cloud Atomy

"Helping Millions Learn and Teach"

“To work in partnership with our customers to develop the art and science of anatomical education with respect for the past and an eye to the evolving needs of health care educators. We strive for excellence in all our activities and hope you will enjoy working with us, as much as we enjoy working with our customers and colleagues in health care education. While working in 2D is guessing, working in 3D is knowing and that’s the revolution.”
-Vipin K Chopra

Our Vision

What We Are All About?

Cloudatomy stemmed from a vision of helping instructors and students in the pursuit of advancing, simplifying, and encouraging medical and veterinary education with a powerful 3D visualization tool.

Our offering furnishes a holistic learning experience allowing entry-level access to functional anatomy and physiology teaching by using 3D models to Undergarduate medical students, exposing them to Virtual Dissection Features with real-time patient scans in Para-Clinical Phase, and Surgical Simulation in Clinical Phase building a robust foundation altogether. We provide instructors with an interactive platform that enables them to customize their 3D lecture series, supported by pre & post-lab exercises, active learning & assessment modules along with a vast library of auto-graded quizzes.

Cloudatomy is very easy to incorporate into the existing curriculum as the content is well mapped under NMC guidelines and the team is available at every step of the way to assist you in incorporating our software into your existing classroom resources under the Train-The-Trainer initiative in a very effective, engaging, and a cost-efficient manner.

We can do all of this, we can do some of this, and we can do none of this- as per our customer needs!