As you are very well aware that MCI was replaced by NMC and with this 2 new changes were introduced in Medical Education Landscape.

NEET got replaced with Next1 & Next2. Secondly, it became mandatory for medical institutions to house a skill lab and it should impart education in a simulated environment. Since, we have emphasized upon NEXT 1 and NEXT 2 and a simulated platform for medical education, it’s time we understand how will this model supplement for all these changes.


Our end-to-end solution is custom designed for self-directed learning for the students to successfully prepare as per the new pattern of examination with integrated review modules, assessment modules, pre-loaded pictures, videos and quizzes. We aim at building a robust foundation right from the students’ graduation days that aids in their postgraduate learning as well. While level 1 justifies their theoretical knowledge, Level 2 allows them to explore through 1000s of pre-loaded case records and for that matter, create their own case histories and clinical scenarios.

Here is a glimpse of our proposed solution i.e. A Smart classroom/ anatomy skill lab / cadaver lab which offers Online & Hybrid Learning.

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